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2.Performed water analysis of all the rivers of the Tuzla Canton conducted on year 2010th.

3.Conducted monitoring of waste waters for small and medium-sized companies inside and outside of Tuzla Canton. During period from 2010. to 2013. year, the waste water monitoring studies were conducted for approximately 140 companies.

4.Developing an EBS studies (population equivalent studies) for the following companies: Power Plant Tuzla, Sisecam Soda Lukavac, GIKIL Lukavac, Cement Factory Lukavac, EPS Lastro Kreševo, Setro d.o.o. Kreševo, JKP Komunalac Tuzla, Coal mining „Gračanica“ Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Cement Factory Kakanj, Tuzla Brewery, Tuzla Dairy etc.


1.Sisecam soda Lukavac - Filter station with capacity 1400 m3/h– Main project

2.Sisecam soda Lukavac - Filter station with capacity 1400 m3/h– Designing project

3.Study on the determination of the quantity and quality of waste water in the Soda Factory Lukavac

4.The main project plant for water decarbonisation with capacity 2 x 150 m3/h in the Soda Factory Lukavac

5.The transport system of the raw bicarbonate - the main mechanical project
6.The main project of the hydraulic transport of wastewater generated during fabrication of soda to the "White Sea"

7.Mechanical design of pipelines for junction a new compressor - 2 Demag in the Soda Factory Lukavac

8.Corrosion and Protection of process equipment in the Soda Factory Lukavac

9.Study of using mother liquor’s heat in the Soda Factory Lukavac

10.Study on usage of mother-liquor.

11.Proposal for modernization of evaporation plant of caustic soda concentration

12.Energetics in the Soda Factory Lukavac

13.Technological project of automatic dosing of the reactants in the reactor (PLM)

14.Analysis of the calciner performance

15.Technological project for reconstruction pipeline FLR - LAF - VP

16.Salt water purifying plant

17.Reconstruction of gas pipeline from PSH to compressor in the Soda Factory Lukavac

18.Reconstruction of gas pipeline AB-LVAB-VP-RGSH - Technological project

19.Products packing and palletization in the Soda Factory Lukavac

20.Final technology project for recirculation of cooling water in the Soda Factory Lukavac


1.The mechanical main project of plant P - ½, plant “10” and plant 4A in Salt factory Tuzla

2.Study on improving desulfurized salt water and resolution of salt’s slurry problem - removal of H2S with previous acidification of raw salt water with HCl

3.Effect of the basic parameters and quality of raw materials in the production of highly active calcium hypochlorite.

4.The main technological project for reconstruction of plant “P- 5” in Salt Factory Tuzla.

5.Conceptual technological project of technological station for segregation of salt with vacuum evaporation and thermo compression

6.Project for reconstruction of plant “P-4” for processing of 40 m3/h of mother-liquor in Salt factory Tuzla - technological project

7.The project of plants connections in Salt Factory Tuzla - mechanical project for implementation

8.Technological-mechanical project of vibration-fluidized dryer of NaCl crystals, with capacity of 20 tons/hour

9.Reconstruction of plant “P-6” in Salt factory Tuzla - mechanical project- Capacity of 40 tons/hour

10.Final project for construction of new and reconstruction of existing cooling system in Salt Factory Tuzla.

11.Final project of plant for production of parenteral solutions

12.The investment program for construction of industrial plants for production of food products based on salt and other raw materials in the Salt Factory Tuzla

13.Optimal use of salt water

14.Reconstruction of salt water treatment plant - plant ½ in Salt factory Tuzla - conceptual project

15.The packaging line for assortment of 10/1kg, 25/1kg, 50/1kg in plant “P-11” in Salt Factory Tuzla.

16.The project of heating and ventilation of salt warehouses

17.Conceptual project for wastewater treatment plant in Salt Factory Tuzla


1.The project of system for evacuation of wastewaters filter’s plant complex " Pannonian Lake " I and Stage II and salty waterfalls – Tuzla city.

2.Preliminary study of pretreatment of industrial waste water "PIVARA" (Brewery) Tuzla - Technology - machine project

3.GIKIL Lukavac – The condensation Factory – Project for collection and industrial waste water removal

4.GIKIL Lukavac – Benzene factory - Project for collection and evacuation of waste waters

5.GIKIL Lukavac - main coke gas pipeline project - technological, mechanical, structural, electrical and AMR

6.GIKIL Lukavac – Ammonium sulfate factory and burning of coke gas - Project for collection and industrial waste water removal

7.GIKIL Lukavac - Tar factory - Project for collection and industrial waste water removal

8.Mechanical Design of drinking water pretreatment plant " Sprečko polje" Tuzla - capacity 200 l/s

9.Mechanical design of water treatment for lakes " Hazna " and " Vidar " Gradacac - capacity of 60 l /s

10.Mechanical project of water treatment for water-supply " Dobrinja" Tuzla - capacity 2x20 l/s

11.Mechanical project of water treatment for water-supply " Požarnica " Tuzla - capacity of 10 l/s

12.Project for softened water preparation (boiler plant) Tobacco Factory Mostar - detailed design

13.Detailed technical- mechanical, constructional and electrical plant project for drinking water Supply preparation – Odzak town.

14.Conceptual design "Drinking water treatment plant in Kladanj town" - MVP Spreča Tuzla and Tuzla IHI

15.The greenhouse project with P = 4500 m2 - site Bukinje

16.The project of providing heat energy for greenhouses LWF power 1850 kW from Power Plant Tuzla

17.Project of water tank, the condensate tank, cation tank –documentation with strength calculation (IMCZ & Co.) - (2004).

18.Study of sewage and wastewater treatment for Tuzla municipality area, Technological and mechanical part - MVP Spreča and IHI Tuzla

19.Potable water plant " Krušik " Kalesija – Technolog, mechanical, construction, electrical and AMR Project

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